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Natives, unique vintage retro designs
with a cheerful feel.

Originality, colour, retro styling and plays on words! This is the fabulous combo offered by the Natives brand right from its inception. Natives pieces are always irresistible with their vintage look, colourful designs and light-hearted expressions. Natives represents the ultimate gift idea, with a sense of humour thrown in.
Born 20 years ago in Aix-en-Provence, the Natives brand has quickly become a classic name in home decor. Its instantly recognisable style makes it a firm favourite for shops specialising in giftware. Take one third of Fifties and Sixties nostalgia, add one third of a love of puns and word play, and a nice big third of creativity: all added together to create fabulous collections of Natives products and gift sets to treat yourself or someone special.
oh les beaux jours !
Gif Natives

Star products

Nothing beats sitting down for a few sociable drinks with friends! Our collections are based around products for serving and enjoying drinks and nibbles, as well as practical and decorative items for the kitchen. Decorative tins and products for our furry friends are also extremely successful.

cocktails cactus
boite savon de la maitresse
association de mâles fêtards
ambiance croissant café


American adverts and pin-up girls from the Fifties and Sixties are an endless source of inspiration for the brand's designs. The collections are all about spending quality time with friends, socialising and enjoying life.