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Sema Design,
the brand in touch with its time.

For many years, Sema Design has been a master in the art of following current trends and turning them into decorative objects and gift ideas that are original and, as an added bonus, very affordable.
The brand was created in the 1960s. Since then, it has developed a flair for, and inimitable know-how in, creating topical collections in a wide range of styles that speak to many of us. Fantasy and humour are often given pride of place in the brand’s creations. One of its strengths is its ability to offer merchandising concepts based on a family of products or a story to tell, whether based on a theme, a moment, or a star product.
Visuel Sema Design
Visuel Sema Design

Star products

The universe of tea, cushions, small furniture, china, lamps, printed fabrics, and more.

Visuel Sema Design
Visuel Sema Design


Tableware, lighting, textiles, furniture and other accessories
are all objects that brighten up everyday life.
It continues to assert its ambitions by offering
an urban and trendy decor ...