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5 exclusive brands, 5 distinct styles

Enter a universe devoted to styles, brands, and interior design

A team of professionals focused entirely on specialist retailers in the worlds of articles and accessories for the table, home decorations and gifts, opens the doors of the Yliades group and its five exclusive brands to you. Discover the group’s brands and the treasures they offer.
Beyond the widely recognized major trends, the range of inspirations offered by each of our six brands opens up an infinite number of possibilities for those looking for the originality of a unique style. Our tables can be classic chic, bohemian, or colourful and arty, but also retro, exotic, industrial, rustic, contemporary, and so much more.
Lighting and textiles play with colours, materials and patterns, seats and furniture create the atmospheres, and accessories offer a decorative touch to create a living space that is specific to each individual yet speaks to all types of interior design enthusiasts.